Guided by the national goals, combined with the national medium- and long-term science and technology development plan, the school pays equal attention to basic research and applied research; facing the international frontier and the main battlefields of national and local economic development, it has built an innovation system of scientific and technological research; focusing on the development of disciplines, it is mainly constructing five key scientific research and innovation platforms - “Diagenesis and Metallogenesis, Surficial Geochemistry, Energy Science, Water Science, and Engineering Geology.”

Major Research Areas

  • Mineral Crystal Chemistry

  • High Pressure Mineral Physics

  • Magma Dynamics

  • Lunar and Planetary Sciences

  • Isotope Geochemistry

  • Geological Fluid and Ore-Forming Fluid

  • Sedimentary Geotectonics and Continental Dynamics

  • Paleoceanography

  • Environmental Geochemistry and Global Change

  • Hydrology and Water Resources

  • Seismology (study on seismic focus)

  • Applied Geophysics (Exploration Seismology)

  • Engineering Geology and Geological Disaster Prevention and Control

  • Paleontology and Stratigraphy