Nanjing University’s School of Earth Sciences and Engineering was one of the earliest geology departments in China, with a long history, and is also one of the largest ones in China today.

The geology discipline of Nanjing University has traveled a path of 89 years since the founding of the Department of Geosciences of National Southeast University in 1921. The Department of Geosciences at that time had specialties of geology and geo-meteorology, and Mr. Chu Kochen served as the first chair of the department. Then, the National Southeast University was renamed the Fourth National Zhongshan University and then the Central University. In January 1930, the discipline of geology was separated from the Department of Geosciences and became the Department of Geology of the Central University, and Mr. Li Xueqing served as the first chair of the department. After 1949, the Central University was renamed Nanjing University, and the Department of Geology remained with Mr. Xu Keqin serving as chair of the department. During this period of time, the department witnessed its unprecedented growth both in size and in speed. In 1986, the Department of Geology was renamed the Department of Earth Sciences, and Professor Yu Jianhua became chair of the department. In January 2008, Nanjing University set up the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering based on the former Department of Earth Sciences to meet the needs of thedisciplinary development.

Over the past 100 years, the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of Nanjing University has worked hard and nurtured nearly 10,000 geological graduates who have been working all over the country and making outstanding contributions to the geological undertakings of our motherland.

The school focuses on teaching and highlights research. It gives priority to disciplinary construction and places team building at the center. It consolidates and strengthens traditionally preponderant disciplines, actively develops emerging applied disciplines and endeavors to become a talent training and research base which will have an important international influence and will make great contributions to the country.