The School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of Nanjing University was built upon the Geology group of Earth Sciences Institution established in 1921. After 10 decades of development, it has become a world-famous geological researcher cultivation base as well as a high-level scientific research platform. 

At present, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering has a structure of three departments (including Earth and Planet Sciences Department, Hydrology Department, and Geological Engineering and Information Technology Department) and two Key Laboratories (State Key Laboratory of Mineral Deposits Research and Ministry-of-Education Key Laboratory of Surficial Geochemistry)

As a School with a history of 10 decades, it enriched itself by continuous reform and kept vibrant through time. It gradually developed into an education and research unit with both science and engineering field, which stimulated the development of geology, hydrology and water sciences, as well as geological engineering and information technology. Being one of the basic geological talent cultivation unit in China, the School has made brilliant achievements on discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and social work. It got an “A+” in the 4th Assessments hold by China Academic Degrees Graduate Education Development Center and steadily climbing up the NI global ranking and ranked first in the four consecutive years among Chinese high-schools.