Structural Geology and Tectonics


Structuralgeology and tectonics focus on the formation, evolution and dynamicsof Earth’s surface and interior structures, as well as theirapplications in resource exploration and geohazard assessment. Thisdiscipline at NJU was established in 1952 and is one of the firstdoctoral programs in China. Now we have 13 faculty members, includinga member of the Chinese Academy of Science (Zhiqin Xu), 8 professors(Shuwen Dong, Dong Jia, Yueqiao Zhang, Wenbin Zhu, Qin Wang,Yongxiang Li, Bo Wang and Guangwei Li), 2 associate professors(Shengli Wang and Rongfeng Ge) and 2 assistant researchers (YongZhang and Xi Wang). We aim to train highly motivated students for theacademic and industry communities. Our research fields cover platetectonics and continental dynamics, and integrate field mapping,laboratory analyses and theoretical modeling to address the multitudeof processes through Earth’s history. The current study subjectsinclude:

  • Tectonic evolution of orogenic belt and continental dynamics

  • Structure analysis of sedimentary basins

  • Deep Earth structures

  • Evolution and reconstruction of continents in the early Earth

Inthe past five years, we have hosted more than 20 national researchprojects, published nearly 100 papers in SCI journals such as ScienceAdvances, EPSL, JGR, Tectonics, GSA Bulletin, and won a NaturalScience Prize (2ndgrade) awarded by the Ministry of Education of China.


Eclogiteboudins in diamond-bearing marble from the Dabie Mountains

Fault-relatedfold in the Kuqa basin, Xinjiang


Garnetin peridotite sample from the Western Gneiss Region in Norway