The Mesozoic–Palaeogene hyperthermal events: lessons for understanding Anthropogene global warming


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) in cooperation with the International Union for Geological Sciences (IUGS) provides “a platform for scientists from across the world to push the frontiers of knowledge forward through concrete projects” ( IGCP operates in about 150 countries involving thousands of scientists.

IGCP provides the platform to facilitate and (in part) financially support scientific exchange and communication between concrete projects (concrete research projects have to be applied for in the respective countries and from respective national and international funding organisations) under an interdisciplinary topic, i.e. specific IGCP projects such as IGCP 609. The IGCP project benefits from its participating researchers and projects, and concrete projects and their proposals, in turn, can benefit from being linked to a certain IGCP project.

One of the main purposes if the IGCP Programme is to financially support the participation of scientists from developing countries (and particularly young and women scientists) in the respective workshops and meetings.