Li Rucao


Li Rucao

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research direction:

  • Mineralogy and sulfur isotope geochemistry of sulfides from end-Permian mass extinction interval

  • Development of new standards for sulfur and oxygen isotope determination on SIMS

  • (Multiple-)Sulfur isotope and trace element geochemistry of sulfides in hydrothermal deposits


            PhD   Geochemistry        6/2017

    • Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Guangzhou, China

    • Supervisor: Prof. Xiaoping Xia and Huayong Chen

    • Thesis: “Method development of in-situ SIMS sulfur isotope analysis and its application on two deposits in Perú”

        M.S.   Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology        6/2014

    • Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

    • Supervisor: Associate Prof. Li Xu

    • Thesis: Geochemical Characteristics and Metallogenic Model of Cheqiongzhuobu Antimony deposit in Southern Tibet, China

        B.S.   Architecture and Civil Engineering         6/2011

    • Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, China

Research Experience

             Postdoc   Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry        8/2017~

    • Development of working standards for sulfur isotope determination on SIMS

    • Multiple sulfur isotope geochemistry of pyrite from end-Permian mass extinction interval

Research Projects    

    • General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China         2017~2020

      Analytical method and standard development of water content determination in zircon by large radius secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and its application on igneous rocks in accretion-type orogen

    • Guangzhou Municipal Government Foundation         2016~2019

Development and application of analytical method on secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)


Li, R., Chen, H., Large, R. R., Zhao, L., Liu, Y., Jiao, J., Xia, X.-P., and Yang, Q., 2020, Ore-forming fluid source of the orogenic gold deposit: Implications from a combined pyrite texture and geochemistry study: Chemical Geology, v. 552, p. 119781.

Li, R., Chen, H., Xia, X., Yang, Q., Danyushevsky, L. V., and Lai, C., 2018, Using integrated in-situ sulfide trace element geochemistry and sulfur isotopes to trace ore-forming fluids: Example from the Mina Justa IOCG deposit (southern Perú): Ore Geology Reviews, v. 101, p. 165-179.

Li, R., Chen, H., Xia, X., Yang, Q., Li, L., Xu, J., Huang, C., and Danyushevsky, L. V., 2017, Ore fluid evolution in the giant Marcona Fe-(Cu) deposit, Perú: Evidence from in-situ sulfur isotope and trace element geochemistry of sulfides: Ore Geology Reviews, v. 86, p. 624-638.

Li, R., Xia, X., Yang, S., Chen, H., and Yang, Q., 2019, Off‐Mount Calibration and One New Potential Pyrrhotite Reference Material for Sulfur Isotope Measurement by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, v. 43, no. 1, p. 177-187.

Li, R., Xia, X.-P., Chen, H., Wu, N., Zhao, T., Lai, C., Yang, Q., and Zhang, Y., A Potential New Chalcopyrite Reference Material for SIMS Sulfur Isotope Ratio Analysis: Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, v. n/a, no. n/a.

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