Wang Di


Wang Di

Postdoctoral researcher

Research direction:

I’m interested on the magmatic evolution of felsic rocks and Precambrian geology.


Wang, D.*, Wang, X.L., Cai, Y., Li, J.Y., Du, D.H., Shu, X.J., 2022. Exploring the Sn–W metallogenic potential of Late Jurassic Ganfang-Guyangzhai granite suite, South China: Zircon and apatite geochemistry.Ore Geology Reviews, 144, 104863.

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Wang, D., Wang, X.L.*. 2021. Dual Mixing for the Formation of Neoproterozoic Granitic Intrusions within the Composite Jiuling Batholith, South China. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Wang, D., Wang, X.L.*, Cai, Y., Goldstein, S.L., Yang, T., 2018. Do Hf isotopes in magmatic zircons represent those of their host rocks? Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 154, 202-212.

Wang, D., Wang, X.L.*, Cai, Y., Chen, X., Zhang, F.R., and Zhang, F.F., 2017. Heterogeneous Conservation of Zircon Xenocrysts in Late Jurassic Granitic Intrusions within the Neoproterozoic Jiuling Batholith, South China: A Magma Chamber Growth Model in Deep Crustal Hot Zones. Journal of Petrology 58, 1781–1810.

Wang, D., Wang, X.L.*, Zhou, J.C., Shu, X.J., 2013. Unravelling the Precambrian crustal evolution by Neoproterozoic basal conglomerates, Jiangnan orogen: U-Pb and Hf isotopes of detrital zircons. Precambrian Research 233, 223–236.

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