Jiang Changhong


Jiang Changhong


Research direction:

I’m working on the Precambrian basement beneath East Cathaysia terrain with geochemical, geochronological and isotopic methods. I’m also interested in the climate effect of Phanerozoic magmatism based on geologic big data and numerical simulation.


Jiang, C.H., Wang, D., Du, D.H., Wang, X.L.*, 2023. Estimation of an ephemeral cooling for silicic magma reservoirs using thermal simulation. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 241: 105442.

Jiang, C.H., Du, D.H., Wang, X.L.*, 2022. Degassing and environmental effect of intracontinental transcrustal magmatic system. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 38(5), 1360-1374.

Jiang, C.-H., Wang, X.L.*, Wang, S., Du, D.H., Huang, Y., Zhang Y.-Z., Wang, D. 2020. Paleoproterozoic basement beneath the Eastern Cathaysia Block revealed by zircon xenocrysts from late Mesozoic volcanics. Precambrian Research,350, 105922.

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