Post-docs and Research Assistant Positions Open

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Post-docs and Research Assistants on Palaeobiology

Centre for Research and Education on Biological Evolution and Environment, Nanjing University

24~36 month fixed term appointment

Long-term open position

Salary: ¥180,000-300,000/y

Role summary

To address major questions about evolution using fossil records. These include (but don’t limit to): how global change has affected life over time, how life evolves at high levels (macroevolution), how ecology shapes evolution long-term, the relationships of living and dead animals (phylogeny), and the origins of living biodiversity.

Requirements (person specification)

Academic and professional qualifications 

1.       PhD (Earth sciences/Biology) or equivalent

Knowledge and experience

2.       Good working knowledge of all branches of Earth sciences/Biology, high level research skills/experience in one area

3.       Research level quantitative data analysis experience

4.       Published research articles and/or presentations on morphometrics and/or palaeobiological topics

5.       Laboratory experience

6.       A working knowledge of computer programming

7.       Manuscript preparation/proof reading experience

8.       Relevant post-doctoral research

9.       Experience writing grant applications

10.   Teaching and outreach experience

11.    Collections-based research programme experience

Skills and competencies

12.   Well organised with effective time management skills and an ability to undertake multiple tasks through to completion, working to tight deadlines

13.   Strong attention to detail, with a proven ability to undertake methodical tasks to a high level of accuracy

14.   Flexible with a proven ability to work well within a team structure.   

15.   Demonstrable experience of using initiative and prioritising workload   

16.   Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English   

17.   Leadership skills    

18.   A high degree of personal creativity   

      19.  Be able to communicate scientific information to a wide audience

Application method

Candidates should provide a personal statement, CV and two reference letters to demonstrate how their knowledge skills and experience meets the detailed criteria outlined in the job description.

Contact for general enquiries

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