The Institute of Earth Exploration and Sensing (IEES) of Nanjing University was officially established in November 2018, formerly known as the Institute of Geophysics and Dynamics of Nanjing University. The Institute is a platform for interdisciplinary and knowledge innovation, which is built on the basis of many years of Geophysics discipline construction at the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of Nanjing University, giving full play to the multidisciplinary advantages of geology, physics, mathematics and computing science of Nanjing University, and facing major scientific problems and national resource energy strategic needs. Closely around the major demand of the country for deep resources and urban space development, the institute combines applied geophysics, geological engineering and structural geology, and develops earth exploration and sensing technologies with independent intellectual property rights through theoretical and technological innovation. In the current period, the institute is committed to three key technologies: the active source underground detection technology, the distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing technology and high-performance computing and interpretation of earth detection and sensing. It aims at the international frontier and national needs, obtaining local support through the integration of production, teaching and research, and promoting the transformation of achievements, so as to promote interdisciplinary and talent training, and open up innovative growth points for discipline development.