Huang Yu


Huang Yu

PhD candidate

Research direction:

Now I have a study on tectonic evolution and source analysis of precambrian strata in the northern margin of Yangtze block. Besides I have an interest on early earth evolution, geodynamic process as well as the growth and destruction of continental through the geologic time  .


Huang, Y., Wang, X.-L., Li, J.-Y., Wang, D., Jiang, C.-H., Li, L.-S., 2021. Early Neoproterozoic tectonic evolution of northern Yangtze Block: Insights from sedimentary sequences from the Dahongshan area. Precambrian Research 365, 106382.

Huang, Y., Wang, X.-L., Li, J.-Y., Li, R.-C., Du, D.-H., Jiang, C.-H., Li, L.-S., Ding, N., 2023. From arc accretion to within-plate extension: Geochronology and geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic magmatism on the northern margin of the Yangtze Block. Precambrian Research 395, 107133. 

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