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Introduction of Mineral Separation Laboratory

The Mineral Separation Laboratory, established in 2019, is now the State Key Laboratory of for Mineral Deposits Research, Nanjing University. The head of the laboratory is Professor Hu Xiumian from the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, the current student assistants are Guo Ronghua and Dong Xiaolong.

Presently, the Mineral Separation Laboratory is devided into the Crush Room, the Heavy liquid Room and the Mounting Room. The main instruments include a jaw breaker, a disc mill, a ball mill, , as well as an air compressor, a pure water machine, and an ultrasonic cleaner, which can satisfied  a series of sample pretreatment requirements from coarse crushing, fine crushing, mineral separation, mounting making, grinding and polishing.

The laboratory adheres to the operating principles of high standards, full openness, self-operation, and non-profit, with the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting and customization. It is open to universities and scientific research institutions around the world and across the country. All of the teachers and students are welcomed to Nanjing University, deal with the samples by yourself.

Crushing Room

Heavy Liquid Room

Mounting Room

Appointment of Mineral Separation Laboratory

1. Appointment time: anytime.

2. Appointment method:

a) Email appointment: hmlmlab@163.com;

b) Email name: laboratory name + user name, such as: heavy liquid chamber + Peter;

E-mail content: user name + tutor name + sample type + sample quantity + estimated time and days + mobile phone;

c) Special circumstances: If you are really in a hurry to process samples, you need to send the appointment email to 3 mailboxes: laboratory public mailbox: hmlmlab@163.com, laboratory leader Professor Hu Xiumian’s mailbox: huxm@nju.edu.cn, and your tutor’s mailbox: xxxx@xxx.com; arrangements can be made as soon as possible after the approval of Professor Hu Xiumian.

3. Successful appointment: the student assistant will notify you of the success appointment through the laboratory email and further clarify the experiment time.

4. Charging standard:

Crushing Room: (charged according to the number of samples) 30 yuan per sample for coarse crushing, 30 yuan per sample for fine crushing, and 50 yuan per sample for coarse and fine crushing.

Heavy Liquid Room: (charged according to the gram of samples) 300 yuan per sample for a single sample weighing less than 50g, 400 yuan per sample for 50-100g, 500 yuan per sample for 100-200g, and 1,000 yuan per sample for 200-500g.

Mounting Room: (charged according to the number of samples) 100 yuan for a mounting.