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Tianyu Chen, PhD

Please contact me if you are looking for a PhD or postdoc position and are interested in joining my research group


教育背景 Educational Background

2010. 10 – 2013. 12 德国基尔大学GEOMAR海洋所,地球科学博士学位(海洋地质/古海洋),并获最优等学位荣誉 (summa cum laude, 1 in 22)
2007. 09 – 2010. 10 南京大学地球科学与工程学院,海洋地球化学硕博连读 
2003. 09 – 2007. 06 南京大学地球科学与工程学院,地球化学学士学位

2010. 10 – 2013. 12, PhD in Earth Sciences (Marine Geology/Paleoceanography), awarded With Distinction (summa cum laude, 1 in 22), GEOMAR, University of Kiel, Germany. 

2007. 09 – 2010. 10, Master-PhD joint program in Isotope Geochemistry, Nanjing University, China. 

2003. 09 – 2007. 06, Undergraduate in Geochemistry, Nanjing University, China.

工作经历 Work Experience

2017. 09 –    南京大学地球科学与工程学院,教授
2014. 03 – 2017. 05    英国布里斯托尔大学地球科学院,Senior Research Associate

2017. 09 –    School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Nanjing University, Professor of Geochemistry
2014. 03 – 2017. 05    School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Senior Research Associate

研究方向 Research Direction


I'm a geochemist working on the application of various kinds of isotopes (radioactive: U-Th, 14C, radiogenic Nd-Sr-Pb-Hf and stable isotopes such as Fe, Re isotopes) in understanding the carbon and trace element cycling of the ocean from modern processes, abrupt climate events to orbital time scales. My research fields include (1) Quaternary paleoceanography; (2) Elemental geochemistry and geochronology of carbonates; (3) Redox-sensitive trace metal cycling in the marine system. 

获奖与荣誉 Honors and Awards

Petersen基金会优秀博士论文奖, GEOMAR,德国 (2014)

Petersen Prize for Outstanding PhD thesis (2014)

欧洲大洋钻探联合会 (ECORD) 奖学金 (2013)

ECORD Scholarship (2013)

留学基金委公派出国资助 (2010-2013)

CSC Scholarship (2010-2013) 


NJU Scholarship (National Scholarship 2004 &2005 &2006; Special Prize of Jiangsu Public Transport Ltd 2011)

主要论著 Publications



陈天宇, 蔡平河, 李伟强, 杨涛, 凌洪飞, 季峻峰. 2019. 大洋溶解铁的物质来源及其同位素示踪. 海洋地质与第四纪地质, 39: 46–57

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郭柏,胡镕,魏广祎,曲扬,李达,殷一盛,凌洪飞,陈天宇. 2022. 东赤道太平洋高生产力和热液活动叠加沉积环境铁组分特征及其古海洋意义. 地球化学. doi:10.19700/J.0379-1726.2021.06.011  


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              (https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1gZVz_OJfyfJe 2023年3月31日前可点击免费链接直接下载 )

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