Template of Two-Page Abstract (download here)


Main features for abstract

Paper size: A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm).

Margins: top: 2cm; bottom: 2cm; left: 2cm; right: 2cm.      

Title: Times New Roman 11-point bold capital letters (All Caps), centered. No more than two lines.      

Author(s): Times New Roman 10-point bold regular letters, centered, with initials after the family name.      

Addresses (and emails) of authors: Times New Roman 9-point italic regular letters.      

Text: Times New Roman 11-point regular letters, alignment, single spacing between lines. The body of the abstract will be formatted in two columns (column width: 8.1cm, space between column 0.8 cm, keep constant column width). Divide your abstract into clearly defined sections. Insert a blank line before section headings. Brief headings (subheadings) - Times New Roman 11-point bold regular letters (no more than one line). Do not insert a blank line between paragraphs. Insert a blank line before and after figures and tables. Each paragraph must begin with a 0.75 cm tab (no tab before section headings).      

Figure captions and table headings: No more than two lines each in Times New Roman 9-point regular letters. They must be aligned with respect to column. Figure captions should be below the figures and table captions should be above the tables. Notes (abbreviations) should be no more than two lines in Times New Roman 8-point regular letters, alignment (for figures - below figure caption, for tables - below table).      

Figures and tables must be numbered using Arabic numerals. Color versions of figures are possible, but be sure that they are easy readable in grayscale. Grayscale version of figures will be used in the printed Abstract Volume, while the color ones will appear in PDF file on ACROFI web-site.    

References: Times New Roman 9-point regular letters, alignment and 0.5 cm tab for second and other lines. We follow reference rules used in Lithos.

Abstract should be emailed to jyding@nju.edu.cn