The fifth ACROFI will be held in Xi'an. It's the center of politics, culture and economy of northwest China. In geography, Xi'an, located in the centre of China. Xi'an lies between the world biggest Loess Plateau and the Qinling Mountain. In geology, Xi'an lies in the Weihe Cenozoic depression between Qingling Mountain and North China block. Xi'an city is located at the foot of Qinling Moutain. There are eight rivers around the Chang'an. What a beautiful city it is!


History and Culture


Xi'an ,with a history of more than 3,100 years, is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River Basin area of the country. It used to be the capital city of 11 dynasties such as Western Zhou (11th century BC - 771 BC), Qin (221 BC - 206 BC), Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD) and Tang (618 - 907). It is also a living history book recorded significant changes of the country.

The tang dynasty temple

The night of Muslim street

  Terra-Cotta Warriors

     City wall

   Traditional Tang style musical   performances

The cultural and historical significance, as well as the abundant relics and sites, help Xi’an enjoy the title of Natural History Museum. Xi'an is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Warriors. The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as the eighth major miracle of the world, Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is listed on the World Heritage List, and the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact Ming Dynasty castle in the world.

 Local food

Xi'an is praised as 'the capital of table delicacies'.

                         --Dumpling Banquets

                                           --Kabobs Hot pot 

                                           --Yangrou Paomo

                                           --Guan Tang Baozi


The distance between Xi'an and Beijing is about 1200km. It takes 1.5h by plane or 5.5h by High Speed Train.

The distance between Xi'an and Shanghai is about 1300km. It takes 1.5h by plane.

The distance between Xi'an and Guangzhou is about 2100km. It takes 2h by plane.


Average temperatures of each month in Xi'an are listed below:

January 0.3
March 9.1