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关于Simon Hohl 工作的公示

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I was invited to visit a meeting of the special project “Building a habitable Earth” in Goettingen from 21st to 24th of March 2018 in Goettingen, Germany. As an applicant for funding of the German Research Foundation I need to attend the meeting and present my proposal for the new funding campaign. The resrech proposal contains a research plan with further collaboration with Nanjing university for the next three years.

For the following two weeks, I will stay in Free University Berlin, where I was invited to work on stromatolites that have been sampled on a field campaign last year in Mongolia together with German and Chinese Scientists. This invitation is based on a collaboration with senior paleontology scientist Dr. Michael Steiner (FU Berlin).

Finally, I am attending the EGU (general assembly of the European Geoscience Union) where I am a convener for the session Palaeoenvironments of the Precambrian World: from the Archean via Snowball Earth and beyond from 8th of April til 14th of April.

I therefore ask for one month leave to Germany and Austria. The total cost of the trip including flights, accommodation and conference fees will not exceed 2万人民币.


Simon Hohl

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