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关于Simon Hohl赴德进行学术交流活动的公示

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Dear all,

Simon Hohl will continue his collaboration with Free University Berlin, Germany in November and December 2018 and spend 4 weeks at the geochemistry laboratory of Prof. Dr. Harry Becker in order to establish a new metal stable isotope method. Accommodation in his home city is provided and he will be using remaining funds from his 2018 NSFC young international scientist grant to cover the flight costs of approximately 6000 RMB. Find attached an invitation letter (in German) for the laboratory visit.

Simon Hohl

公示时间:20181030日至201811月3日。如对Simon Hohl即将进行的学术交流活动有意见,请于公示期间与地球科学与工程学院联系。




Gestattungsvertrag S.Hohl.pdf